Intel Graphic card problem

Lenovo laptops have problem with graphic card drivers and Multiple displays.

When PC goes to screen saver mode it lost all Windows positions. In our company is applied Group policy and not all configurations options can be changed.

First try to fix it: in regedit search ScreenSaveTimeOut and set to huge value.


Fix is not working because you should do app which changes this value and execute it after each company group policy synchronization.

Real fix:

Use same type of cables. E.g all monitors should use HDMI or Display port but not the mix of them.

Rest API Guidelines

If you dont have strict guidelines for REST API  structures or dont have experience how to design it – there is Microsoft recommendations from which you can start on:


Architecture by Kevlin Henney


This person is researcher and speaker about software design problems, architecture, philosophy and history about development cycles and current state. If you start digging what architect or architecture means to you there is a great person from whom you can start.

Training’s: Architecture with agility

Some video: